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We take you on a journey...

We don't start from a blank sheet...

By the time we kick off a new assignment, we will have already done quite some background research to ensure we can hit the ground running. We will listen to your information needs, but equally to the way you’d like to be kept informed throughout the journey.

Among our vast network of payer
contacts, we identify
those who can help you …

Payers are not a homogeneous group. Depending on their role, they have very different perspectives. When we do research, we don’t just talk to ‘payers’, but we will carefully identify those with the roles, perspectives and expertise that is needed to provide you with the insight you need.

... We talk to them personally,
so that you can get the maximum out
of their expertise…

Reaching the right payer stakeholders is not enough to get the right insights. Getting the most out of their specific expertise and perspective is key. This means that each interview needs to be tailored and crafted to each individual respondent. This is why we conduct most interviews ourselves. And where possible even as a duo.

… in a logical sequence …

We always map out a logical sequence of the interviews. We wish to understand the clinical payer perspective before we delve further into the economics. We also look at payer archetypes to help determine our sequence. This way, we can take the learnings from one payer to the next, from one country to the next. Doing the interviews ourselves is a great help.

… to arrive at truly relevant & actionable
insights for your pricing & market
access strategy.

We apply a very rigorous analysis and reporting process to the findings. We respect the respondent’s background and perspective, and apply the country context. Where relevant, we go back to the literature to validate or challenge our findings. And if needed, we return to the respondents to make sure we understand them correctly. So that you get the right insights.

Your insights will grow during
this joint journey, not just at
the end report.

The most successful projects are those where we go on a joint journey with the client. During regular debriefings, we can jointly decide which learnings need to be explored in more depth. Meanwhile, you gradually see the story unfold, can anticipate on your decisions and strategy, give early signals to the right people in the organization. So that when we present the final results, you already know what’s coming. And we can focus discussion on the “so what’s”.

… so that ultimately, you get the right guidance for your market access & pricing strategy

  • put into the right context
  • with the right nuance
  • in the most efficient way
  • so that you can hit the ground running

We answer your market access and pricing questions throughout the development cycle, such as:

  • Understanding the market access landscape
  • Input into phase III clinical trial design to suit market access stakeholders
  • Understanding value drivers for payers
  • Defining the value proposition
  • Providing pricing guidance